Mastering phone sales: A guide for SMEs

Navigating the art of phone sales requires finesse and timing. Success hinges on your ability to strike the right balance between tenacity and knowing when to recalibrate your sales approach. In an age where remote communication reigns, the phone becomes the primary gateway to substantial business opportunities.
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1 Embrace spontaneity
Entering the world of cold calling can be intimidating, especially when faced with the uncertainty of how the conversation will unfold and the potential reactions of the individual at the other end of the line. To combat nerves, salespeople may feel the need to develop a script. However, regurgitating the same lines could make the conversation sound robotic and dull to the potential customer.

2 Master your product knowledge to exude confidence
Prospective customers are more receptive when they engage with a salesperson who conveys confidence and demonstrates their knowledge of what they are offering. To seal the deal, it’s vital that you exude a sense of assurance and enthusiasm during the conversation.

3 Practise active listening
It goes without saying that listening is vital but even the most seasoned sales professionals occasionally overlook it. Because you’re so focused on what you have to say you can forget to listen intently, but that only pushes you further away from your prospect.
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