MarTech Interview with Tim Stahl, Vice President- Experience at Rightpoint

Tim, could you briefly share your journey to becoming VP of Experience at Rightpoint?
In my previous career path, I was a graphic designer working in advertising, marketing and branding before coming to Rightpoint nearly 14 years ago. Intranets were merely a part of my work here, and not something I really loved at first. Over a few years and a lot of innovation within the space, I realized my passion had evolved into improving the experience of work. In Q4 2019, Jesse and I created the Employee Experience Solution at Rightpoint which is a very strategic offering including not just Digital Workplace, but EX Transformation, People Insights, Knowledge AI & Search among others to address the holistic workforce needs and help change the way employers see them – as their most vital asset and strategic differentiator. I am proud to say that we have reduced friction and improved engagement for literally millions of employees across the globe over the years. That passion has led me to grow into a role I feel I was truly meant to fill.
How can organisations make sure intranets and new technologies are adopted by employees and used most effectively?
Beyond some of the change actives I mentioned above, organizations need to implement analytics and insights to ensure the new platform is being utilized most effectively by the people they have created it for. This approach will connect the dots between business strategy and the technology on which the experience is built. Success factors, KPIs and measurements frameworks should be built along with the platorm so it can be up and running oil launch day. From that point, your organization can continually measure and optimize the experience through performance measurement, ongoing testing, user behavior analysis, and data management.
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