MarTech Interview with Jesse Murray, Head of Employee Experience at Rightpoint

Jesse, can you briefly share your background and how you became the head of employee experience at Rightpoint?
For my career I’ve had a focus on driving engagement and efficiency for customers using innovative technologies. I joined Rightpoint 12 years ago in the role of General Manager for our new at the time Detroit office and was responsible for driving the growth of that unit for over 7 years. My core passion though has always been driving better and more innovative employee experiences and I took that on as my sole focus in 2020 with a focus both externally for our customers and more recently internally focused as well for Rightpoint.
Could you give an overview of internal communication strategies that can help elevate the employee experience?
Personalization, engagement and omnichannel
a. Personalization – Employees want to read with and engage on content that has personal relevance. Ensuring the messages reach the right people at the right time is critical.
b. Engagement – communication does not mean broadcasting content to people, it involves driving conversations and engagement with content and encouraging active participation. The most successful communication programs encourage that conversation and engagement.
c. Omnichannel – Consumption and conversations need to reach employees when and where is easiest for them and varies by job and preference. Ensuring your message can reach employees where makes most sense for them ensures higher readership and engagement.

How can organisations prioritise their employee experience initiatives and ensure their investments are achieving the right goals?
Consider the Total Experience and the role which Employee Experience drives value to customer and product experiences. Ensuring alignment between company initiatives requires an understanding of the overall journey and most critically

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