Align All Your Chakras with Turquoise Bracelet

With natural colors as light and translucent as the Milky Way, this holy stone is immersed in holy blue-green hues to offer an extra degree of spiritual cleansing. Blue is a color that calms the spirit and evokes feelings of flowing water, the earth's cleansing energy, and an inner surge of energy. The blue turquoise stone is all about drawing good luck and chasing away evil energy. It got its name from its Turkish origins in old French, which may have been a hint to its rich Persian past. Before delving too far into all things astrological, let's first examine turquoise a little bit. The French phrase "pierre turquoise," which alludes to the Turkish stone that was transported to Europe from Turkey, is whence the stone gets its name. The gemstone is available in a wide range of colors, from a pale blue to a greenish-robin's-egg tint. Turquoise has a 5–6 durability rating which is why you should handle your Turquoise Bracelet with care.