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In a channel setting, stones are put on the shank of the ring along a track between metal walls so they nestle against one another without prongs, beads, or bezels.... Read More

Tanzanite, a form of the mineral zoisite, is an extremely uncommon and exquisite gemstone. It is a calcium aluminum silicate stone that belongs to the silicate family. When worn as... Read More

A captivating gemstone, garnet is known to come in a variety of hues, with the red variety being the most well-liked. These minerals are silicates. One can find Garnets... Read More

The gemstone lapis lazuli comes in a variety of blue or blue green tones. It falls under the metamorphic rock category. It is mostly composed of lazurite, with pyrite, sodalite,... Read More

Encircled by the moon's magical might and divine forces. Moonstone is a healing stone that is said to bestow several advantages onto its wearer. By utilizing the properties of moonstone,... Read More

Gemstones are thought to be love stones and have immense symbolic meaning. For a long time, Valentine's Day has been observed as a day to honour and commemorate Saint Valentine.... Read More

With natural colors as light and translucent as the Milky Way, this holy stone is immersed in holy blue-green hues to offer an extra degree of spiritual cleansing. Blue is... Read More

Opal, derived from silica-rich waters, owes its name to the Sanskrit term "Upala," meaning precious stone. During the Roman era, it was called "Opallios." Opal comes in two varieties: common... Read More

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