You Won't Believe What Happened in School Today

"This book was written for all of those who have had an experience in public school, especially teachers. My belief is that education is the best business there is. The legions of teachers who dedicate hemselves to serving and bettering the lives of their students each and every day are worthy of respect and thanks for the difference they make in our society today and in the future. As dedicated and serious as we are, there are many experiences that a true educator accepts as part of their professional responsibility that are just outright hilarious.
This book contains more than 80 humorous stories that were experienced by the author as a student and educator in public school. Though inspired by actual persons and events, some characterizations, locations, and dialog have been modified for dramatic purposes. I challenge all readers to search for the hidden truth in each story and how that truth applies to them. There is a significant life lesson in each story that lends insight into who we are as educators and how well-prepared we are to fulfill the needs of our students."