Threads of Fate and Briars book by Natasha Langridge Rocks

"In a time of ancient realms and looming battles, destiny weaves an intricate tale of love, magic, and adventure.

Enid, a woman torn from her homeland as a babe and raised in secrecy, bears mysterious marks upon her brow and wields powers that defy understanding and acceptance. Her heart yearns for truths obscured by time.
Sigurd, a masterful swordsman, once glimpsed the enigmatic Enid as a child and was forever haunted by her memory. When their fates collide anew, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to her. As their love blossoms, Sigurd’s unwavering loyalty to the King’s army wavers, for Enid challenges him to question his very beliefs.

United by an unbreakable bond, Enid and Sigurd embark on a treacherous journey through a war-ravaged realm. Amidst political intrigues and looming conflicts, they seek answers that have eluded Enid her entire life: the origin of her existence, the meaning behind her arcane gifts, and the hidden truths that could reshape their world.

Will their love conquer the trials they face, or will the shadows of their land’s history consume them?"