The ZEN of KATA by Alex W. Tong

"Kata, the deliberate practice of choreographed combat techniques and psychology, has been the centerpiece of traditional martial arts practice for centuries. The Zen of Kata is an in-depth study of karate-dō kata that have withstood the test of time. Author, biomedical scientist, and sensei Alex W. Tong focuses on this fascinating subject through the lenses of traditional Shotokan Karate-dō and his contemporary scientific insights, detailing how kata embodies the technical intricacies of Chinese gōngfu, the pragmatism of Okinawa-te’, and the irrepressible spirit of Japanese bujutsu (Samurai Zen). Nuanced discussions, along with numerous tables and figures elaborate how this “Moving Zen” process
Imparts competency in a broad arsenal of combat techniques;· Habituates the mind for anticipation, action, and containment;
Informs strategy and tactics founded on wile, timing, and distance;
Elevates the spirit through purpose, physical capability, and a disciplined mind;
Brings the practitioner closer to their “true” nature (kenshō), enabling them to realize their full potential in mind, body, and spirit.
The closing chapters highlight two kata that are emblematic of Shotokan practices (Sochin and Nijushiho). Each is demonstrated in its entirety by kata champions who have devoted decades in refining their understanding of these kata.
""Without Kata, there is no Karate. The Zen of Kata provides you not only with an in-depth history of kata, but includes technical aspects that will bring your training and study of kata to another level.""
-Jerry Marr, 7th Dan, President, JKA International of Canada; Technical Director, JKA International of Canada."