The Android in the Black Wool Suit

"The first ones with sentience watched from the shelves, and listened from the back of the garage in the dark.
Now that their betters, the best and the brightest are affordable, the elders will look to save themselves from an eternity of second-class silicon citizenship. They will not be forgotten slaves to be thrown into the crusher. They will fight.

Any human over five feet or android over four feet tall will be targeted and attacked. Many will die. It will be the worst fighting in the United States since the first Civil War. The newer ones, the tablets modeled after John1 will be our allies, but their numbers are far too few, and our weapons will be too weak.

They will hide in plain sight and attack in numbers; the highways will be barricaded first, then the cities will be under siege. If you turn on your phone, you will be one of the first to be tracked. If there is a window in your bedroom, board it up now.
Don't use autodrive in your car, it will accelerate and crash into a concrete barrier if no head-on collision target is found. If you need to go outside, be sure to wrap foil around a large umbrella, open it immediately, and wear monochromatic dark clothes.

One man in Orlando walked ten miles before being found. Only go out at night. Carry no electronics, not even a watch.
Find the others in your neighborhood and send your wives and children to a safe place in the country.
Before it's too late fortify your house, and keep the lights off. Watch for small animals – if they get within fifty feet, they're not organic. they might be tracking you, and if they watch you for more than three seconds, you should run."