Refrigerator single use temperature logger manufacturer

The main function of the refrigerated cabinet is to store some goods that need to be stored at low temperatures, such as vegetables, seafood, meat and other foods, as well as pharmaceutical products, etc., which can ensure the safety of the goods. The single use temperature logger takes up little space, is waterproof and moisture-proof, operates stably, and is cheap. It is very suitable for temperature monitoring and recording of refrigerated cabinets.

Fresh Tag 1U Temperature Data Logger is a highly accurate single use temperature logger launched by Freshliance. It has a temperature monitoring range of -40℃~ +60℃ and an accuracy of ±0.5°C. It can monitor and record the low-temperature environment of refrigerators. Monitor and record accurately and reliably. Moreover, this single use temperature recorder has low power consumption and long battery life, so it can work for up to 180 days and has a storage capacity of up to 129,600 readings. After the temperature recorder is finished working, you only need to connect it to the computer using USB, and an irreversible chart report can be automatically generated. No data cable or card reader is required, and the operation is very simple.

The temperature of the refrigerated cabinet should be monitored and recorded. Single use temperature recorder can ensure that the temperature inside the cabinet remains within the preset range. Moreover, historical temperature reports are very helpful for quality and safety analysis and traceability of food, medicine and other goods. The single use temperature logger launched by Freshliance is very suitable for refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated containers, refrigerated bags, freezers, medicine, etc. It can not only operate stably in low temperature environments, but also has very high precision and accuracy, and meets the temperature monitoring standards of food, medicine, etc.

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