Orion Recall book by Rosanna Narducci

"Are you one of the volunteers living on this magnificent planet working to bring an end to the great conflicts between the evolved and devolved forces–conflicts that originated in Orion’s solar systems and converged to Earth millenniums ago?

Find out how it all began, from when a Messenger from the 24 Elders first gave instructions to the High Council of Sirius to the moment when Plan Earth Rising was put into action. The path you take matters now more than ever because your conscious choices determine how your individual and collective solar beings are integrated. This integration is the key to activating your beloved planet as one of the twelve galactic libraries, the one on which everything depends.

This book is a summons to the volunteer souls: Remember Mintaka. Remember the reason you are here at the start of a major new evolutionary cycle–for your sphere of life and for the entire Galactic Federation."