Online Rd Services Instant Activation

Effortlessly renew your Aadhaar fingerprint sensor RD service with our convenient and user-friendly process. Stay compliant with OEM policies and ensure hassle-free activation of services.

Recharge RD services annually for all types of fingerprint sensors and access seamless services for your Aadhaar biometric device.
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Experience swift activation of services for Aadhaar prints, Fino Bank, PNB Bank, and other authorized institutions with our efficient registration system.
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Choose from a wide range of whitelisted devices and services, including SSO Rajasthan, Instant Pay, and Easy Pay, for a seamless and secure experience.
Secure your KYC and banking activities with trusted devices like Morpho, Mantra, Startek, Secugen, PB510, and more.
Easily access RD services driver or software by submitting your Aadhaar fingerprint device details.
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