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A misting system is the most effective and uniform method of outdoor cooling or greenhouse cooling and can achieve temperature drops up to 10oC in unshaded and 15oC in shaded greenhouses. High Pressure Fogging Systems produce very small droplets of water of around 10 microns, which are suspended in the air and evaporate before they fall onto the crop.

Misting System
Misting systems that operate at up to 250psi, produce a droplet size of 10 to 20 times that of a High Pressure Fogging System (i.e. 100 to 200 micron) and these droplets are too heavy to be suspended in the air. The increased droplet size leads to poor evaporation, reduced greenhouse cooling effectiveness and significant wetness in the greenhouse. The wetness on the foliage can cause increased disease, fruit damage and general wetness can pose a safety risk to greenhouse staff.

Fogging System
High Pressure Fogging which operates at over 700psi produces droplets as small as 10 micron which gives optimal greenhouse cooling and temperature control. At this size the droplets flash evaporate, eliminating the chance for excess wetness to occur and cooling the greenhouse. As this cooling is happening in the area where the heat is, the cool air travels down to the crop level, to be replaced by the hot air rising. The convection air currents ensure even temperature distribution throughout the crop without the need for fans to stir and distribute the cooler air around the greenhouse

With droplets as fine as 10 microns, fog “flash evaporates” so that cooling is achieved with out wetness accumulating on the floors, plants, equipment and people. Because the droplets fully evaporate high pressure fogging is often referred to as dry fog. One of the advantages of high pressure fogging is that it is applied directly where the hot air is located. The hot air in the top of the greenhouse is cooled and then drops to the crop level, to be replaced by hot air rising. This continuous natural convection ensures even distribution of the cooled air over the crop without any further circulation being required through extra mechanical assistance. Careful balancing of the system for both droplet size (through pressure adjustment) and cycling of the system ensures that cooling is achieved without wetting the crop. The Mistafog system is based on achieving maximum atomisation of the water and hence evaporation, but with minimum water flow. Greenhouse misting systems bring dramatic cooling effects using the power of evaporative cooling, the process of evaporation actually using heat from the air.

Special Effects
Special Effects misting and fogging is a highly specialised craft whereby the atomised water droplets are sprayed into the air to create a visually attractive, attention grabbing display.

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