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From small things, big things can grow. As mental health professionals with over 16 years of combined experience, we believe that living a happy and healthy life starts with small acts of care.
Good health isn’t just the absence of disease. It’s our mission to change the conversation about health – and put social, emotional and mental wellness on the agenda.
Not taking time for wellness means we are forced to take time for illness. That’s why, self-care is so important.
Centre Self Collective offers therapy, workshops and supervision, and here on our website you can find a wellbeing hub that gives you the resources, evidence-based tools and wellness kits you need to thrive.
Our carefully curated workshops and range of self-care products and evidence-based therapeutic tools and resources are designed to incorporate mindfulness and wellbeing into your everyday life. Build resilience and kick stress to the curb as you learn how to build your very own personalised self-care toolkit.
With the right tools, guidance and self-care practice, we’re here to help you feel centred from within.
Take care of yourself and build your self-care practice today and join the #CentreSelfCommunity. You’ve got this!