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Admissions Criteria | Alfaisal University

Academic performance is a crucial aspect of the admissions criteria. Applicants are evaluated based on their high school or previous university grades, with a focus on core subjects relevant to... Read More


The Counseling and Skills Development Unit at Alfaisal University promotes a proactive approach to student well-being and personal development. It emphasizes preventive measures and offers educational resources to enhance students'... Read More


The Undergraduate Catalog of Alfaisal University plays a vital role in providing comprehensive and up-to-date information about the undergraduate programs, courses, and academic policies. It serves as a valuable resource... Read More

IRB Process | Alfaisal University

The IRB process at Alfaisal University ensures that all research involving human subjects complies with international ethical standards and regulatory guidelines. Researchers are required to submit their research proposals to... Read More

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center at Alfaisal University is a dedicated resource designed to support students in achieving their academic goals and promoting their overall success. The center provides a range... Read More