Kwik Mint – Premium Mouth Freshener Mint Strips

Kwik Mint is an instant dissolving breath strips with menthol and peppermint concentrate – a high intense mint blast that clears the throat and nostril, giving you a fresh breath. Kwik Mint mouth freshener with its natural menthol and zero synthetic flavoring is the best and unbeatable breath-mint strip available in the market. Mint is not just a flavor. Its medicinal impact has several advantages on the human body than any other herb. Mint is a calming and soothing herb that aids the stomach in different kinds of ailments.

Kwik Mint mouth freshening strips is packaged in an elegant sachet and is comfortable to carry in your pocket, wallet or backpack. You will be reminded of its benefits the moment you slide the mint strip into your mouth allowing it to dissolve in an instant. Its benefits exceed much beyond just oral hygiene. The intensity of the breath freshener strip will eliminate bad breath and enhance lingering freshness. With no added sugars, mint strips kill more than 99% of disease and smell-causing germs letting fresh breath last longer.