KuKirin M5 Pro Mini eMotorcycle | 1000W great power, 48V, 20Ah battery, with aluminum alloy trunk se

Super long mileage last, 70km range, Large-capacity high-quality lithium battery, using the best battery manufacturing process in the industry, continuous high-rate power output, easily reaching 70km
Maximum speed: 52km/h, fast as flying, three speed modes
Dual shock absorption system, The front shock absorber is a hydraulic shock absorber system, and the rear shock absorber is a refined spring shock absorber
Multi-functional crushproof and shatterproof sealed case with safety lock
1000W super great power, easy to climb slope, off-road expert
Great intelligent digital display screen, Speed, mileage, power, fault code error reporting, easy to grasp anytime, anywhere
Pole height can be adjusted, suitable for people of all ages
The folder is double-layer fixed, safe and convenient to operate
The front part has a super-power LED light, and the tail has a turn signal, Auxiliary lights on both sides of the scooter, make it drive safely and easily at night
The trunk made of high-strength materials can easily carry people and accommodate various items, with a safety lock for easy operation