How To File Adultery Case in Dubai

BR Law Firm has a team of lawyers who handles Adultery Case and Extramarital Affair. Our lawyers in Dubai have the expertise and vast experience in handling Adultery Case and Extramarital Affair.
In the UAE, adultery is considered a criminal offense and is punishable by law. However, if you file a criminal case against your spouse, the following conditions need to be met:
You were unaware of the extramarital affair.
One or both parties are married.
The relationship was consensual and physical. The physical aspect is essential for the validity of your case. If there is no evidence of the same, the case is invalid.
You can file a criminal charge against your spouse if the above applies to your marriage. Since this matter is sensitive and may come as an unwelcome surprise, you may require the assistance of competent criminal and family lawyers.
BR Law Firm is here to shoulder this responsibility for you. Our team of results-driven Adultery and Extramarital Affair case have 10+ years of expertise in successfully convicting adultery in Dubai. Rest assured that our criminal lawyers in Dubai will leave no stone unturned in filing an adultery case on your behalf. Our adultery lawyers from BR Law Firm will ensure they get all the necessary information from you. They will follow up on all the evidence and coordinate with the police to build a rock-solid case. If you require legal representation, our criminal lawyers will represent your best interests and get a satisfactory conviction.
If you want to file criminal charges against your spouse, you must file an adultery case with the Dubai Police. You must submit sufficient evidence to the police, who will be the prosecutors if your case goes to trial. Evidence can be physical or electronic – emails, photos, videos, SMSes, and WhatsApp messages are admissible.
Once the police verify the evidence, they will decide whether your case is valid enough for a court trial. If it is, they will prosecute your spouse and conduct investigations for more evidence, if required. Your claim strengthens if you have an eyewitness, especially a Muslim male. If the court finds your spouse guilty, you can use the sentence to support your divorce or child custody cases. Throughout this process, our lawyers will maintain the utmost professionalism and discretion.
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