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Guntur Kaaram Movie dubbed in Hindi Storyline/Plot
Kavya is a committed investigative journalist from Delhi who gets sent to Guntur to write an inside exposé on the city’s worsening crime and the sources of money and muscle power enabling it. As she delves deeper, she keeps getting warned by well-wishers and the police to stop pursuing the story for her own safety.

After a tipoff from an informant scared for his life, Kavya sneaks into a warehouse owned by Karam and takes photos confirming his connections with illegal arms smugglers. But she gets caught and forcibly brought to meet Karam himself.

Karam threatens Kavya the first time they meet and insists she should drop her investigation into him. They have a tense conversation but the intelligent and daring Kavya also impresses Karam in standing up to him so boldly. Against the warnings of his advisors, Karam begins taking interest in Kavya instead of eliminating her, leading to dangerous mind games.

As Karam starts seducing Kavya, insisting he wants to turn good for her sake, she has to decide whether to trust her instincts about there being some truth to his claims of wanting reform or accept it as a ruse to throw her off the investigative trail linking Karam conclusively with the city’s dark underbelly of crime thriving right under the public’s nose behind his guise of philanthropy.