Garuda Motors: Your One-Stop Destination for Automotive Solutions in Mumbai

Garuda Motors is your one-stop shop in Mumbai for everything car-related. From finding high-quality car parts to maintain your vehicle's top condition to expert car repair services to address any problem, our comprehensive solutions cater to your every need.

Located conveniently in Mira Road and Bhayender, we offer a wide range of car parts stores stocked with genuine spares for all car makes and models. Our team of skilled mechanics at our car repair shop in Mira Road can diagnose and fix any car issue, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and safely.

Considering an upgrade? Explore our selection of performance upgrades at Garuda Motors. We also specialize in car maintenance services like oil changes, tire replacements, and brake services to keep your car in top shape.

Need a reliable pre-owned car? Look no further! Garuda Motors offers a trusted platform for buying and selling second-hand cars in Bhayender East. Get a used car valuation and sell your car for a fair price, or browse our inventory to find your perfect match.

Our Services Include:

Car Parts Shops (Mumbai, Mira Bhayender)
Car Repair Services (Mumbai, Mira Road)
Second Hand Car Buying (Mumbai, Bhayender East)
Second Hand Car Selling (Mumbai, Bhayender East)
Car Accessories Shops (Mumbai)
Car Diagnostics (Mira Bhayender)
Car Detailing (Mira Road)
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