Future Horizons: Forecasting Trends in the Caprolactam Market

The caprolactam market was estimated at USD 13.23 billion in 2022 and is likely to grow at a CAGR of 4.89% during 2023-2028 to reach USD 17.73 billion in 2028.

Caprolactam is a cyclic amide of 6-aminohexanoic acid, which is also known as epsilon-aminocaproic acid. It is a white crystalline solid with a slightly bitter taste and is commonly used as a monomer in the production of Nylon 6, a synthetic polymer. Caprolactam can be synthesized through the reaction of cyclohexanone with hydroxylamine to form caprolactam oxime, which is then cyclized by the action of acid catalysts. Caprolactam has numerous industrial applications, including in the production of textiles, automotive parts, carpets, and electrical and electronic components. It is also used as a precursor to other chemicals, such as adipic acid and hexamethylenediamine.