Family Therapy: The overlooked aspect of addiction treatment

Family Therapy
Addiction almost never affects a single individual alone. Families, friends, spouses, and partners can all experience challenges and hardships when their loved one is living with a substance use disorder. And while addiction can often lead to serious damage in these relationships, they can also be a lifeline out of addiction.

Family therapy recognizes the ripple effect that substance use disorders can create – and can start the process of healing these relationships and building a stable source of support for addiction recovery.

What is Family Therapy?
Family therapy is a therapeutic style that brings together the friends, family members, and loved ones of a person living with addiction. The goal of family therapy is to bring family members into the recovery process, foster healthier patterns of communication, and create a stable system of support to promote sobriety in the future.

Family therapy can be an incredibly effective tool in the treatment of substance use disorders. And not only does it help the person who is struggling with their addictive behavior, but it can improve the quality of life and communication skills of their loved ones, as well.