Eninrac Store | Managing Renewable Energy Integration Challenges in India's Power Grid

Explore India's progressive journey in renewable energy integration, focusing on the surge in solar and wind power capacity. Learn how sustainable energy solutions are reshaping the nation's power grids for a greener future. India having an installed capacity share of close to 60% from coal fired power plants which contribute to range hovering over 70% actual power generation levels, the cycling of these plants to meet load variability translates to an inescapable reality for the country. Quite bizarre but this happens every day as the power system is operated. Historically, the cycling requirements were largely restricted to the plants which are non-pithead which pushed the operating costs higher. However, in recent times with the relative surplus showing up in the country, even the inexpensive power has been backed down to maintain a balance in the grid and preventing the other plants going offline. This has led to the Grid Operators in India striving to strike a balance to keep the costs low coupled with maintaining a degree of fairness as well for other generators.