Dr. Swapnil Chavan Best Chest Specialist/Chest Physician/Pulmonologist

"Dr. Swapnil Chavan, ('MBBS,MD,DNB Pulmonary Medicine') is one of the reputed doctors in Pune, India
Specialist/Center: – Pulmonology
Experience : 3+ yrs
Dr. Swapnil Chavan's clinic offers these services:
Allergic Rhinitis,
Asthma, Childhood Asthma
Acute Bronchitis
COPD (Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis)
Chronic Cough
Intertitial Lung diseases
Tuberculosis (Pulmonary/Extra Pulmonary)
Covid & Post Covid lung diseases
Pleural effusion, Pneumothorax
Sleep apnea disorder
Doctor provides In-Clinic & Online Consultations for which Appointments can be booked online easily via clicking on the Website or Appointment link. Doctor welcomes patient queries as well via the 'Chat' option.
Contact No- 8446125637"