Dr. Gupta's Dental Center, (MDS, PhD),

"Dr. Gupta's Dental Centre is renowned for pioneering dental implants since 1990. Our head, Dr. GK Gupta (MDS, PhD), is the Best Dental Surgeon in Delhi with 40+ years of experience in the field. We offer all general dental services at the best dental clinic in Ashok Vihar including Dental Implants, Full Mouth Fixed Dentures, Smile Correction, Smile Makeovers, Oral Surgery, Gum Surgery, Dental Fillings and Crowns, Braces, etc. Our clinic also serves as a global hub for patients, embracing Dental Tourism from 5 continents.
We provide both In-Clinic and Online (Audio/Video) Consultations, easily booked through the website.
Our clinic prioritise quality dental care and is the best dental surgeon in the area. Book an appointment with us today."