Disposable temperature data logger models for cold chain

In order to improve the efficiency of cold chain management and ensure the quality and safety of items, the cold chain supply chain requires a professional Disposable temperature data logger to monitor and record the temperature of the entire supply chain. Freshliacne has launched a variety of disposable temperature data logger models for cold chains, which are easy to operate, take up little space, and have high protection levels.

The Fresh Tag 1U disposable temperature data logger launched by Freshliance can monitor a wide range of temperatures, with very high accuracy and sensitivity, and is cheap. It is suitable for vegetables, fruits, dairy products, seafood and other foods, as well as medicines, vaccines, biological reagents, etc. Pharmaceutical cold chain management temperature monitoring. This single use temperature data logger can store up to 129,600 readings. It can generate PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV temperature reports when connected to a computer. It does not require the installation of any software and is very simple to operate. Freshliance temperature records can set reasonable temperature alarm points according to needs. If the cold chain environment is abnormal, it can alarm and remind managers. Managers can adjust the environmental temperature in time. The design is very user-friendly.

The cold chain disposable temperature data logger provided by Freshliance can configure parameters according to needs, recording interval time, delayed start time, temperature alarm point, temperature report format, etc. Moreover, the single use temperature data logger is stable and can work continuously for a long time, helping you to continuously monitor the temperature of the cold chain environment to maintain the quality and safety of items.
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