Bluetooth temperature data logger for agriculture

Bluetooth temperature data logger for agriculture can help industrial managers understand environmental temperature conditions in real-time and take corresponding measures to ensure that animals and plants develop and grow in a suitable and constant environmental temperature.

The BlueTag T10 Bluetooth temperature data logger launched by Freshliance is a cost-effective instrument that takes up little space, has a high protection level, and is cheap. This wireless temperature data logger can use the mobile phone APP to connect to the device and configure parameters, and on the APP you can understand the changing trend of the ambient temperature, real-time temperature, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, average temperature, and other data as well as change curves. The temperature monitoring range of this Bluetooth temperature recorder is -30℃~+70℃, and alarm points can be set. If the temperature in the agricultural environment is abnormal, an alarm will be issued. Compared with traditional recorders, Bluetooth temperature recorder does not need to be connected to a computer and can generate temperature reports through mobile phones, making it more convenient and simple to analyze temperature changes in agricultural environments.

The Bluetooth temperature data logger launched by Freshliance uses advanced sensors and Bluetooth technology, which has high accuracy and sensitivity. It can accurately understand the temperature changes of the agricultural environment from a long distance and meets the needs of agricultural development for environmental temperature monitoring. Improve the efficiency of agricultural management.
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