BetterBuilt Builders – Milpitas

BetterBuilt Builders Home Remodeling Contractors, led by Jonathan in San Jose, stands out in the home improvement industry with over 15 years of experience. Jonathan, who began his career under the mentorship of esteemed general contractors, has mastered every aspect of home remodeling. This foundation laid the groundwork for his expertise in managing a broad spectrum of remodeling projects, from the initial design phase to the final touches of completion.
At BetterBuilt Builders, we don’t just remodel homes; we reimagine them. Our kitchen remodeling services focus on creating functional, modern spaces where families gather and memories are made. In the bathroom remodeling sector, we prioritize comfort and luxury, transforming ordinary spaces into spa-like retreats. Recognizing the growing need for additional living space, we are adept at building accessory dwelling units (ADUs) that blend seamlessly with your property while providing the extra space you need.
Our full home remodeling services are tailored to those looking to completely overhaul their living spaces, ensuring every inch of your home reflects your personal style and meets your needs. For families looking to expand, our room additions are designed to add value and space to your home, whether it's a new bedroom, office, or sunroom.
Under Jonathan’s guidance, BetterBuilt Builders commits to transforming your vision into reality with precision, creativity, and unmatched craftsmanship. Let us elevate your home with our comprehensive remodeling services, designed to meet every homeowner’s needs.