Best Dairy Farms in Nagpur | Bharatvarsh Nature Farms, Nagpur

Bharatvarsh Nature Farms is one of the best dairy farms in Nagpur. We produce the best quality products like Fresh A2 Milk, Bilona A2 Ghee, Malai A2 Paneer, and some milk-based products. At Bharatvarsh, we care for young and old cows alike. All the cows on our farm are fed high-quality organic fodder grown on our land, which is cultivated using cow dung and urine as manure and is free from any chemical sprays. We also give them a combination of other nutritional feed intakes like jaggery, sugarcane, and sea salt, in combination with cereals like Makka / Chana / Jowar, etc. Every day the cows are given time for grazing on natural green fields, where they get to eat native shrubs along with green grass and get time to socialize. This ensures them strong immunity and adds high medicinal value to their milk too.