Best Budget hotel in jaipur near -marucasa

Always serving fresh is the USP that could attract most of the new arrivals to our restaurant. Serving variety, we start welcoming our guests for breakfast at 7:00 am and for lunch, with our last entrance at 10:30 pm.
This room is designed to cater to needs of travellers looking for rooms of spectacular opulence. On the busy roads of Sansar Chand Road, it is easy to catch sight of our hotel. Having the sense of entering in bygone times and noticing the commitment towards each guest, are the true treasures we hold on to.
Bedecked for the comfort of our guests, with cosy and relaxed surroundings, we bring to you a restaurant Cuisine.
Among the plenty of dinning venues in Jaipur, we have maintained the quality limitless. En numbers of choices in the menu will end up you with a dilemma of choice.