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Top 10 EdTech Trends to Watch out for in 2024 | Vidyalaya

Witnessing evolution in the education sector is a pleasant surprise. We have come a long way right from residence-based Gurukuls to home-based virtual learning, and from leaf writing to digital... Read More

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Our renowned products are already widely used across the globe and their unique features are helping the staff to have a break from the monotonous routine. With optimal automation, our... Read More

Learning Management System in New Zealand | University Management System

New Zealand, an Island nation fascinates students across the world not only with picturesque landscapes and indigenous Maori culture but along with world-class education, high living standards, and immense opportunities.... Read More

Learning Management System in Turkey | Student Information System

College management activities run all around the year and make the campus happening. We mould the way of operations in a technological way through our college ERP system. Through our... Read More

Virtual Classroom Software In Saudi Arabia | School Management System

Saudi Arabia currently focusing on standardized education as the literacy rates for males and females are 90.4% and 81.3% respectively. As the country has already established its impression as Oil... Read More

Best School Management Software Agartala, Tripura

Vidyalaya is India's most famous school management software in Agartala, Tripura for students data management and School Administration. Vidyalaya connects multiple campus with cloud-based ERP having easy customizations. It is... Read More

Student Information System in Denmark | Learning Management System

Our University Management Software is a state-of-the-art ERP system that automates most jobs covering the functionality of all university stakeholders, including students, instructors, and administrative personnel. It simplifies the student's... Read More

Student Information System in Georgia | Learning Management System

Our Campus Management System centralizes student data management on a single platform and automates many administrative tasks required in school administration. These responsibilities include student enrolment, scheduling, monitoring attendance, grading,... Read More

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Vidyalaya software allows teachers to exchange course materials, homework, and grades, giving students access to this data whenever and wherever they choose. The School ERP Software lets administrators tell teachers... Read More