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eQube®-DaaS enables business process orchestration by automating complex processes across multiple systems and facilitating data transfer among them. For more information visit or drop a mail to Read More

eQube®-DaaS enables organizations with fast enterprise search capabilities to access data while honoring security and access control. Our platform delivers comprehensive Enterprise Search capability with the following characteristics: a) Fast search... Read More

Streamline your engineering, planning and operations processes seamlessly by establishing an integrated Closed Loop Manufacturing (CLM) solution-eQube®-CLM solution. For more information visit or drop mail to Read More

eQube®-BI is a modern A/BI platform that Democratizes BI. It puts the power of analytics in the hands of end users. It unshackles users to analyze live enterprise-wide data on-demand... Read More

Digital Thread is an integrated Digital Information map of the entire life cycle of a product or process. This digital information map is established as the data / information flows... Read More

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eQube®-DaaS platform automatically establishes enterprise-wide Digital Thread on behalf of the users with navigable relationships and impact analysis of changes. Learn how digital threads affect the different industry in the... Read More