Author: Andrewkramer009

Elesa+Ganter offers a wide range of indexing plungers for different applications, also special versions of Hygienic Design Indexing elements. Indexing elements are designed to reproduce locked positions defined by indexing... Read More

Ball joints are similar to the ball-and-socket joints found in most tetrapod animals and the hip joint of the human body. They provide pivoting movement between the steering knuckles and... Read More

Couplings create connections between drive shafts and driven shafts in order to transmit rotary motion and torque. Universal joints transmit rotation and torque from shafts that can be at a... Read More

Wing knobs are particularly suitable for application where the available space is minimum, thanks to the reduced diameter and the wing's shape. Wing nuts and wing knobs are characterised by... Read More

Breather valves have the following functions: Protect tanks Adjust tank pressure Prevent excessive pressure differentials Provide sufficient air to the storage tank Retain toxic vapors Prevent atmospheric contamination Breather valves are attached to a nozzle opening on... Read More

In the Elesa+Ganter range of anti-vibration mounts you can find flange mounts in NBR rubber with oval fixing flange and galvanized steel threaded bushing which are often used to protect... Read More

Toggle clamps are ideal for industrial applications where high clamping forces and repetitive movements are required to lock components quickly and safely. Toggle clamps are typically permanently fixed to the... Read More

Snap locks allows the quick closure of swing doors. Elesa+Ganter snap locks are available with locking /unlocking device, with push button or with handle to operate doors. These latches are... Read More