Advantages of WIFI temperature data logger

The WIFI temperature data logger launched by Freshliance is a device used to monitor and record temperature and humidity in different environments. This wireless temperature data logger is a configurable, rechargeable WIFI HACCP temperature and humidity data logger that can be used for temperature and humidity monitoring in warehousing logistics, laboratories, medical facilities, food, agriculture, greenhouses, and other environments.

WIFI temperature data logger has many advantages, it has a built-in wireless connection function, which can connect to the local network and transmit data wirelessly. This wireless temperature data logger allows remote monitoring and real-time access to data as long as there is an internet connection. In addition, this wifi temperature logger has a large-screen real-time temperature display, real-time temperature and humidity data, and equipment operation status, can record ambient temperature and humidity data according to set time intervals, can set alarm ranges, and uses rechargeable lithium batteries. , can work continuously for up to 360 working days, etc.

The WIFI temperature data logger provided by Freshliance has the characteristics of stable performance, long working duration, and low power consumption. Users can generate PDF/CSV format temperature and humidity reports according to needs, which can be used in warehousing and logistics, medical facilities, greenhouses, agriculture, laboratories, and museums. It is very suitable for temperature and humidity monitoring in other places to ensure the quality of items and the accuracy of experimental results.