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Htp sprayer htp power sprayer htp sprayer pump

An HP sprayer is used to spray water, pesticides, insect poisons, herbicides, manures, and other agribusiness fluids. Attractions hose with a 5-meter extension Sprayer with high pressure (Htp) There are... Read More

Agricultural equipment Online

There are various Agricultural equipment: HTP sprayer, knapsack power sprayer, Brush cutter, engine 4-stroke, battery sprayer, power reaper, and paddy weeder. This all equipment is used in different types of... Read More

knapsack power sprayer  knapsack power sprayer 4 stroke

A knapsack power sprayer known as a backpack power sprayer is used to apply insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other chemicals to plants. This machine is best used in agricultural and... Read More

Portable power sprayer | portable power sprayer for agriculture

A portable power sprayer is an agricultural spraying device that may be used to apply water, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and other chemicals. It thrives in fields, lawns, and gardens... Read More