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Hilly Basket Is Introducing Our Newly Launched Apple Chips.

Hilly Basket is happy to announce its newest addition to your health basket. Introducing 100% natural "Apple Chips" made from freshly cut, sun-dried apples, with no added sugar and no... Read More

Hilly Basket Is Launching Its Stinging Nettle Tea .

There is nothing as good as sipping a cup of tea that has a host of benefits to revitalize your health. Hilly basket is launching its stinging nettle tea which... Read More

Make Your Desserts Healthy And Tasty.

Make your desserts healthy and tasty with our naturally assembled hazelnuts filled with the goodness of nutrients and antioxidants. Hazelnuts are packed with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that... Read More

Best herbal food and skin care products in india

You need to try these to know the difference! All products at Hilly Basket are 100% local produced, Pahadi products, ethically sourced from the local producers in the Himalayas. Each... Read More

100% Genuine Herbal and Organic Products Himalayan Herbal products manufacturers in india

Hilly Basket has handcrafted a wide range of food and skin & hair care 100% genuine Himalayan products only for you. There is something for everyone in our wide range... Read More

ayurvedic and herbal products range of food and skin & hair care

We, at Hilly Basket, are committed to offering the best and most natural range of handmade. Our products have no added preservatives and are 100% natural made. We promise to work... Read More

Producing Natural ||100% genuine Himalayan products || Herbal and Organic products

Get 15% off on all product ranges for first time buyers at Hilly Basket.You order, and we deliver the best that the Himalayas has to offer. Hurry! Hilly Basket has handcrafted... Read More