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How do I change my D-Link Wi-Fi password?

Dlinkrouter.local present users a hassle-free experience throughout a clear-cut interface. To login to the admin panel, first, you must set up a physical link to the router. This can be... Read More

What is D-Link default password?

Now, a user can easily update the firmware through the web management window of a Dlink router. You don’t have to check the new version of the router, again... Read More

How do I access my Dlink Wi-Fi extender?

During the setup process, there are a few things that a user has to make sure of. The most prominent thing is that you must be connected to the dlinkrouter.local... Read More

How do I change my 192.168 0.1 password?

A user who has forgotten the wireless password of the Dlink router can recover it through the dlinkrouter.local management window. To get the wireless password, you must have the correct... Read More

A user who wants to secure his network from the visitors accessing it can create or activate the Guest network. A Guest network allows a user to create a separate... Read More

A user can login to the Dlink router web interface either using the dlinkrouter.local or using the IP address of a router. The default IP address of a Dlink router... Read More