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MBA-Human Capital Management | MBA Program

As the Kingdom's Vision 2030 places a strong emphasis on the improvement of human capital, organisations will need progressive leaders to manage their human capital and ensure its continuing growth... Read More

Dr. Omar Z. Ameer is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, and he holds a Ph.D. in Advanced Medicine at Macquarie University .he has More than 7 years of extensive pre-clinical... Read More

Prof. Nidal Nasser is a Professor of Software Engineering. He holds a Ph.D. in the School of Computing at Queen’s University and received the Best Research Paper Award at the... Read More

Prof. Lotfi Tadj is a Professor of Industrial Engineering and holds a Ph.D. Operations Research, Florida Institute of Technology, Operations Research Program, and Melbourne. has published Research papers on Industrial... Read More

Abdel Monim Shaltoni is an Associate Professor of Marketing. He holds a Ph.D. in e-marketing from the University of Birmingham. Shelton has extensive experience in the fields of marketing and... Read More

Hesham Albarrak is an Assistant Professor of Accounting and did a Ph.D. in Accounting at Griffith University. Professor Hesham Albarrak has published research papers on Accounting... Read More

Dr. Sheraz Alam Malik is an Assistant Professor of Operations & Project Management. Sheraz has published research papers in different academic journals collaborating across disciplines like renewable energy.... Read More

All Electrical Engineering students have the option to choose their electives in accordance with their intended academic goal in conjunction with their academic advisor. Specifically, three electives with a lab... Read More

The Alfaisal University Preparatory Program (AUPP) is a rigorous academic university bridging program that is consistent with Alfaisal University's organizational culture and curriculum. UPP uses a variety of tools to... Read More

General Studies is a four year bachelor's degree program which is offered at a number of universities in Saudi Arabia. The General Studies program prepares students for their future careers... Read More