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Admissions Criteria | Alfaisal University

The Prince Sultan College of Business has a special relationship with Alfaisal University that allows it to share and adopt cutting-edge teaching methods and techniques. This has become more efficient... Read More

The CSDU offers workshops and information to help students overcome obstacles to self-development and promote their abilities. Student Affairs counsellors are available to assist students with any issues they may... Read More

IRB Process | Alfaisal University

As part of the IRB office's initial pre-review screening process, an IRB analyst examines each submission for completeness and compliance. The analyst may request changes from the PI before the... Read More

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is a resource for students who need assistance managing their academic, professional, and personal lives. The ASC's mission is to assist students in moving forward in... Read More

Alfaisal University Enrichment Programs

Alfaisal University offers a variety of educational opportunities for both children and adults. Discover academic enrichment, social skills development, and much more in our enrichment classes. Through our dynamic approach,... Read More

University Preparatory Program (UPP)

Students can benefit from a University Preparatory Program (UPP) to help them prepare for university life. Through UPPs, students can engage in rigorous and innovative academic study, develop independent learning... Read More

School Mental Health Course

The School Mental Health Course is a six-week online course that covers all aspects of mental health in schools. Students will learn about the various theories that underpin school mental... Read More

Post Graduate Diploma in Child Mental Health (CMH)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Child Mental Health is a distance-learning programme that allows students to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of child mental health. You will have... Read More

Alfaisal University Core Laboratories & Research Infrastructure

Alfaisal University is a Saudi Arabian public university in Riyadh. It is one of the world's most prestigious universities, having been founded in 1997. Alfaisal University is a world-class educational... Read More

JSEC is the Middle East's first research and development centre dedicated to smart grid technologies and electric vehicles. The centre will act as a hub for cutting-edge energy solutions that... Read More