"In 'To All the People around the World Who Struggle With Permanent Weight Loss And health Problems All Ages,• military license chef Margaret S. Y. Wong takes readers on a personal journey of self-discovery and understanding the intricate workings of their own body. When faced with the challenges of being overweight, she set out to unravel the mysteries behind her condition to seek a long-lasting solution.
The revelation comes when she learn about humans' unique anatomy, with a small and large intestine unusually attached together, causing blockages, plugs, and clogs. This discovery sheds light on the root cause of people's weight struggles, which range from overweight to obesity. Through her exploration, Wong reveals that our bodies can only efficiently handle two meals or even less, leading to a breakthrough permanent weight loss method. By embracing a lifestyle of mindful eating and portion control, she finds the path to lasting results.
The book challenges conventional dieting and exercising approaches. Instead, it offers a holistic understanding of one's body, paving the way for sustainable weight management. This eye-opening journey provides readers with the tools to achieve their body-for-life goal."