Managing Rental Properties

Simplease is a digital property management company offering services in several cities including Mumbai and Gurgaon. We currently manage over 800 properties with over Rs1300 crores of assets under management. Property management is a very niche service offering and our 12 years of experience ensures that you get the best possible service.
Simplease is one of the best property management company in India as reflected by over 200 + owner reviews on Google with a rating of 4.8/5. Our property management services include:

1. Finding verified tenants in the shortest time possible
2. Home maintenance
3. Move in and move outs
4. Regular home inspection
5. Dedicated property manager
6. Online rental agreements and police verifications
7. Special services for NRI home owners
8. Timely rental collections

Learn more at or reach out to us +91 84 48 802 803.

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