Liquid Biopsy Market, Size, Share, Global Forecast 2022-2027

Global Liquid Biopsy Market will reach US$ 8.1 Billion by 2027. Over the last decades, the vision of precision treatment has dramatically revitalized the field of medical oncology; the introduction of patient-tailored therapies has particularly enhanced all measurable outcomes. Liquid biopsy is a revolutionary technique that opens previously unexpected perspectives. Thus, Liquid biopsy is a non-invasive, convenient, fast, and reproducible sampling method that can reflect the changes in tumor gene manifestation profile and provide a strong base for individualized therapy and early cancer diagnosis. Furthermore, liquid biopsy clinical applications have focused on monitoring tumor progression, screening early cancer assessing therapeutic reaction & clinical prognosis, and detecting recurrent & refractory tumors. In addition, the liquid biopsy market is categorized into Kits & Consumables, Instruments, and Services.

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