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punjab kesari stands amongst india's leading hindi dailies, synonymous with ethical journalism since lala jagat narain founded it in 1965. Currently led by smt. Kiran chopra, shri aditya chopra, shri arjun chopra and shri akash chopra, we persist in upholding integrity along with innovation in news reporting. Headquartered in delhi, with multiple editions across north india, our print publication and digital portal strive to empower readers through timely news coverage and incisive analysis on politics, business, lifestyle, entertainment, sports and beyond.
Resonating our visionary founder's ideals via three key pledges, we remain dedicated to voicing citizens' issues and championing democracy, steering by tenets of accuracy, objectivity and social justice. Our content sets new benchmarks in credibility via rigorous fact-checking and adherence to journalistic principles by 500+ dedicated professionals. We employ technology to enhance omni-channel access, catering to dierse interests of millions readers. With a legacy spanning over seven eventful decades, continues maturing as a trusted hub for high-impact hindi journalism. For more ionformation folow our newsapaper