Bronze Underground Transformer Terminals

Bronze Underground Transformer Terminals

Material: The terminal is made of a high copper content alloy, which suggests that it has good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. This is a desirable property for electrical connections.

Electro-Tin Plated: The terminal is electro-tin plated. Tin plating can provide additional corrosion resistance and improve solderability, making it easier to connect wires or cables to the terminal.

Compatibility: The terminal is designed for use with both aluminum and copper compression or bolted type lugs. This means it can accommodate connections made from either of these materials, which is useful in various electrical applications.

Number of Holes in Pad: The terminal has two holes in the pad, and the stud diameter is 3/8 inches with a 16 threads-per-inch thread pattern. These holes are where the conductors or cables will be connected to the terminal.


B (in.): This dimension measures 7/8 inches. It's likely a critical measurement for determining the overall size and spacing of the terminal.

C (in.): This dimension measures 5/8 inches. It may be related to the width of the pad or some other aspect of the terminal's design.

D (in.): This dimension measures 2 3/8 inches. It could be the length of the stud or another important feature of the terminal.

L (in.): This dimension measures 4 inches. It might represent the total length of the terminal or another aspect of its design.

T (in.): This dimension measures 1/4 inches. It could be the thickness of the terminal or some other relevant feature.

W (in.): This dimension measures 3 1/2 inches. It may represent the width of the terminal or some other aspect of its design.

These dimensions and details are essential for engineers and electricians when selecting and installing this type of transformer terminal. They help ensure proper fit, compatibility with the intended conductors or cables, and the overall functionality and safety of the electrical system

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