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Quicknet Computers is the best Axis CCTV camera dealers and suppliers in Abu Dhabi. We are one of the best security camera distributors and shops. We provide Axis CCTV products in Abu Dhabi. The leading manufactures of high quality CCTV cameras including IP Cameras, analog cameras etc.Axis IP cameras, recorders and accessories give outstanding HD (high definition) picture quality even in the most challenging lighting conditions all the while minimizing the amount of bandwidth used and storage required. Quicknet Computers is categorized as the pioneer in offering a reliable CCTV surveillance solution with the Axis CCTV systems. Axis has the reputation of getting progressive developments the dominion of surveillance throughout the long term.

Axis conveys the vastest and industrious scope of great IP cameras and system video recorders. With the abilities extending from HDTV to wide range and infrared, the cameras we offer discover its utilization in the vast majority of the mechanical and private purposes. It can offer quality and clear pictures even in low light conditions by utilizing their own exclusive light locator technology. Axis analytical functionality changes CCTV cameras from just a security device into a business tool. Axis analytics can give you insights into metrics, for example, how many people are entering your retail store and the demographics of those people. It can likewise alert you if the queue at your point of sale gets too long.The types of Axis IP cameras in Abu Dhabi we deal include fixed cameras, Modular cameras, panoramic cameras, blast protection cameras, thermal cameras, PTZ cameras, and so on…

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