Author: Barney

G90 galvanized steel is a durable galvanized steel product. “G+number” is used to describe the zinc coating thickness of galvanized steel according to ASTM Standards (ASTM-A525 or ASTM-A653/A653M). The “G”... Read More

Slitting steel coils at Wanzhi Steel are available in different materials, such as hot/cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, prepainted steel, stainless steel, etc. These slit coils are widely used in... Read More

Due to improper operation, various defects such as scratches, indentations, corrosion, etc. will occur during storage, transportation, loading, and unloading. These are the issues that are often encountered in customer... Read More

PVC coated galvanized wire is made of high-quality galvanized wire and then be covered with polyvinyl chloride material. Also, it has the characteristics of anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, etc. Also, the... Read More

O arame farpado galvanizado é perfeito para cercas de gado, cercas de segurança e barreiras. É uniformemente revestido de zinco, o que o torna resistente à corrosão e durável para... Read More

Wanzhi Group offers galvanized sheet for sale with different sizes and designs to meet customers’ needs. The available thickness is 0.2 to 4 mm and the width ranges from 600... Read More

The full form of GI sheet is galvanized iron sheet. It is a kind of steel sheet that has been coated with zinc to prevent corrosion and to prolong its... Read More

Steel sandwich panel is a common building material with great heat and sound insulation. It also keeps the features of color steel, like high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, easy installation,... Read More

Galvanized steel strip provides excellent corrosion resistance and workability. It can be used in making steel pipes, special-shaped steel, etc. You can also find it in construction, electronics, home appliances,... Read More

La canasta de gaviones está hecha de malla de alambre y llena de roca, piedra u otros materiales. Y casi parece una jaula. Generalmente, está disponible en forma de agujero... Read More