Archive Technologies – Provide Records Management Services in PAK

Archive Technologies Provide a Secure, Clean, Accessible and Economical records management system. Archive Technologies provide some services which consist of Physical Record Storage, Scanning and Digitization, Retrieval Utility, and Record Destruction. Archive Technologies also provides the expertise in filing and records management to help businesses and organizations increase efficiency and decrease operational cost.

Electronic Records Management [ERM]

Electronic records management [ERM] is using automated techniques to manage records regardless of format. Electronic records management is the broadest term that refers to electronically managing records in varied formats, be they electronic, paper, microform, etc. Electronic recordkeeping [ERK] is a subset of ERM because ERK focuses on electronically managing electronic records.

Electronic Record-Keeping [ERK]
Electronic record Keeping [ERK] is the development of automated processes an agency uses to manage its electronic records. These automated processes support not only the preservation of an electronic record's content, but also its context and structure over time. These first Fast Track documents specifically address ERK issues.

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