AMP Pigments | Pigment manufacturer in India

At AMP Pigments, our manufacturing process is energised by an energy for masterfulness and a guarantee to greatness. With a different scope of Pigments taking special care of various industries like cosmetics, printing, plastics, inks, masterbatches, and more. Among our most valued contributions is the Gold Pearl Pigment, a genuine jewel in our Products. One of the signs of our Gold Pearl Pigment is its Synthetic base, recognized by the code 4707. This novel detailing guarantees outstanding quality as well as mirrors our obligation to manageability.

By detailed manufactured materials, we limit natural effect without settling on the staggering special visualisations our pigment gives. This is the world where AMP Pigments’ Gold Pearl Pigment rejuvenates. In the cosmetics industry, it adds a hint of marvelousness to lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other magnificence basics, lifting them to objects of want. Whether it's decorating packaging materials or making staggering special materials, its intelligent properties and rich brilliant tone have an enduring effect on watchers, making each print a magnum opus.

In the realm of plastics, where strength meets plan, it becomes the dominant focal point, adding a bit of class to everything from buyer hardware to auto parts. Ink makers and masterbatch makers trust our synthetic base gold pearl pigment(code 4707) to convey predictable execution, permitting them to satisfy the needs of even the most insightful clients.

AMP Pigments' Synthetic base Gold Pearl Pigment is something beyond a colour – it's an image of imagination, development, and energy. From its starting points in our Delhi-based office to its groundbreaking impacts across different industries, it exemplifies the soul of greatness that characterises our company.