Amadeus Hotel Search API India

What is Amadeus Hotel Search API?
Amadeus Hotel Search API is one of the leading Mapping APIs that provides a fast solution for the travel industry. Through these clients can easily search a list of hotel offers for a given destination and time. Get insight into data such as hotel location, amenities, pricing and other factors so that the best deals can be selected.
Amadeus GDS provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that passes particular Amadeus features through SOAP/XML information Amadeus hotel search API support in connecting the several hotels and small chains and dispense the hotel record and let it be visible in the foremost global distribution system of the universe. The Amadeus API works as a significant mechanism for the marketing of the hotel rooms and its characteristics.
Amadeus Hotel Search API enables you to connect with several hotels from small chains to global distribution systems globally. Amadeus works on a very powerful mechanism for hotels to market their rooms on massive markets with real time inventory too.
The Amadeus Hotel Booking API lets your entire bookings at over 150,000 hotels and accommodations around the world. To establish a hotel booking engine, you must fire use the Amadeus Hotel Search API to search for hotel deals, pick the desired offer and confirm the final price and availability. You can then use the Hotel Booking API to complete the reservation by providing offer id, guest data and payment information.
Amadeus hotel APIs let you search, compare and book rooms at over 350 of the world’s top hotel chains and enrich your product with detailed data, photos, descriptions and ratings.
The Hotel Search API finds the greatest deals at over 150,000 hotels worldwide. The API provides a list of the cheapest hotels in a given location with detailed information on each hotel and the option to filter by category, chain, facilities or budget range.
Once a hotel is chosen, the API provides the available rooms and prices. The API as three endpoints- the first finds the cheapest available hotels n a chosen city, the second display room and amenity details and the third fetches the real-time price of the price of the desired room.
The Amadeus Hotel Search API returns a list of hotel offers for a given location and time period. Results involve information on location, price, amenities, and other factors to help the customer make their selection. This API is provided by Amadeus, a company that provides software solutions for the travel industry.
Amadeus Travel APIs can be combined to build unique applications, one such solution is a hotel booking engine. A hotel booking engine created using Amadeus Travel APIs can take care of all steps involved in hotel booking process, starting from getting hotel data, getting hotel prices, and finally, making a hotel booking.